Note of representative meeting held Sunday 28 August 2011

Kompleksin Jarina

Note of representative meeting held Sunday 28 August 2011

Representing Block A1
Burim Berisha
Bob Charmbury
Representing Block A2
Ismet Dranqolli
Orhan Radoniqi
Representing Block B
Fisnik Zeka
Representing Block C
Flurim Kullashi
Artur Tigani
Fatmir Salihaj

1 Review
Reference was made to meetings with Dukagjini Corporation. Several points had been agreed /noted;
a) transfer of information as to residents contact details
b) information as to contractors
c) confirmation as to meting their share of costs of Kompleksin maintenance.
d) Budgetary information

2 Legislation
Reference was also made to the Kosova Legislation on ‘Use management and maintenance of Building Joint Ownership.
It was agreed that the implementation of the full legislative requirements would have to be undertaken on a phased basis.
In that respect mention was also made of a possible support from UN Habitat under the terms of community development
Action Bob Charmbury to follow up with Agron Sallova of Dukagjini Corporation

3 Decisions taken

3.1 Overall budget
Based on decisions already made by some Blocks it was agreed that 10 euros /month should be paid by all owners.

3.2 Staffing arrangements
a) to keep the existing 2 cleaners
b) to appoint 2 security staff
c) to appoint a security /handyman

3.3 Staff costings and related matters
a) The total costs of all agreed staff would be covered by a combined contribution of 6 euros/month per flat( 3 for cleaning and 3 for security)
b) The contribution for cleaners would include lunches/ materials /relevant equipment and appropriate clothing
b) the security staff would provide 24 hour cover. Each would be paid 120 euros/month and a uniform provided.
c) Security Handyman would receive 250 euro/month and be provided with a phone plus relevant call costs
d) the agreed contributions would also mean that money was available to purchase tools and materials identified by the Security Handyman for use on site. This would be subject to him preparing a request and to this being agreed by the representative group. The money would be held separately.
e) all staff contracts would be on a 3 month review/renewable basis.
f) all staff to be paid on the last working day of each month

4 Other budget issues
a) each block would separately be responsible for the electricity costs of their lift.
b) the maintenance costs for water pumps/ lifts would be met from the regular monthly contribution of 10 euros. Details of these costs ere yet to be provided by the Dukagjini Corporation.
c) It was noted that the Dukagjini Corporation would allow the use of the temporary office/ cabin until such time as all unsold flats were purchased.
d) It was noted that the lighting in the common areas outside the flats was, for the moment, paid by the Peje Municipality.
e) it was agreed to obtain quotations for CCTV system. But no decision was made at this stage as to purchase.

5 Kompleksin management
a) It was agreed that those present should constitute a Council of management. This approach was consistent with Kosovar legislation.
b) it was agreed that rules be prepared for the way in which the Council would operate
c) it was agreed that rules relating to the responsibilities of individual owners would be prepared for consideration in relation to the Kompleksin site

6 Date of next meting
To be agreed


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